General advice & FAQ

To help each of your projects run smoothly we've prepared the following guides and advice. The idea is to save you time and money by sharing as much experience as we can from our previous work.

If anything still isn't clear, then please just ask us.

Project Management

What is your lead time?

We currently run to a 7 working day lead time from receipt of a CAD file and payment.

Can't I get it sooner?

Sometimes speed is everything. To avoid interrupting the schedule, we only do rush jobs out of hours. This naturally attracts a surcharge, but it's how we can help you without delaying other clients' work.


How do you calculate the price of a job?

Price = design work (if any) + cutting + materials (unless you supply) + delivery.

What do you charge?

Cutting is from £90 + VAT, which includes setting up and around 20 minutes of machine time.

CAD design work (if needed) is from £45 + VAT and is priced on a project basis.

Materials are charged by the whole sheet.

Delivery cost varies by location, but is typically £55 within an hour's drive of our workshop in Uxbridge

How do you charge for cutting?

The cutting cost is based on time.  Factors that affect the duration of cutting include the type and thickness of material, flipping boards over, and the length, diameter, depth, quantity and variety of cuts.

Drawings and CAD files

What CAD file formats do you accept?

We prefer to receive .dxf format but we can work with .3dm .ai .dwg .iges .dwg .stp

For more info read our CAD Files section.

Technical capabilities

Can you rout / engrave / cut both sides of a board?

Yes. We can flip any sheet we're working on to give you features or detail on both sides.

What's the biggest sheet you can cut?

Our machines can take a maximum board size of 4100mm by 2200mm. In practice, the size of material is usually dictated by what can be sourced.


What materials can you cut?

We work on a range of materials including mdf, plywood, natural woods, acrylic, polycarbonate, foamex, plasterboard, cement board, aluminium composite and aluminium. For a list of our most frequently requested materials, check out our materials section

Can I keep any offcuts?

The easiest way to retain offcuts is to mark them as a part on the drawing. If you're using our CAD service, please let us know straight away that you wish to retain any off cut so we can include it in the CAD file.

Are all your wood products FSC certified?

Almost, yes. There are a few board sizes that cannot be sourced as FSC, but these are rare.